Surrogacy is a Problem Some Counselors Have to Deal With.

The pregnancy problem is everywhere in this world. World is full of surprises and full of sad stories too. Pregnancy problems are quite common everywhere. In addition, this problem is somehow genetic too. Genetically women in the same gene line can have this problem. I have known many such patients. I am a neurosurgeon in a famous hospital. I have been in this profession for almost 30 years. You may think what is the connection of pregnancy with a neurosurgeon. Well, here is the story began.

When I newly joined in the hospital I was still under some confusion about something. Anyway, one day a couple came over here. They were old then. They did not come for them. They took a young girl to me. The girl was in pain. They were crying. I asked what happened to them. They told me that the girl had a brain tumor on the pituitary gland. That is why they want or remove that tumor. I wanted to see all the report and then saw they were right. I asked them how they knew about the right place of that tumor. They told me that the grandmother of the girl had same tumor when she was young. Then the tumor was removed from her head and only after that, she became pregnant. Same problem showed up in the daughters head.

Therefore, they were almost sure about the position. I never seen such genetically coincidence. I was astonished but I assured them. I managed to do my first operation in the girls head. Moreover, that was successful. It was a great journey starting for me. I loved all these. I loved to see the happiness. Then after so many years, again that girl, who was my first patient, came to me with her daughter with same problem. the grandmother and the daughter was lucky that they did not have a tumor right on the pituitary but the daughter of my first patient had the tumor on the pituitary directly that means if I removed that the girl would never be pregnant. But I did the right thing and suggested them surrogacy. They were astonished at first but soon they realized the truth and prepared for a surrogate mother. When the child was born, they visited me to show her. It was again a girl and they were happy because every child is happiness to the family.


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